Getting started with ready-made HUD/popups

Hey guys. In our Store you can purchase Hand2Note packages that include custom HUDs, popups, stats and sometimes other config customizations (like diagrams, board groups, etc.). All the products presented in the Store are fully tested and verified by Hand2Note.

The whole process from buying to using your new config is really fast and simple.

1. Choose a package

Browse our Store and choose the package that suits you. We have products for all types of games (Cash, MTT, Spins, Shortdeck and Omaha). There is also a special Research category in which you will find special sets of pop-ups for deep game analysis.

In each category, you can easily sort products by price and also filter by other parameters.

If you have difficulty choosing a product or want to create custom HUD/popups, we will help you.

2. Buy a package

Click Purchase in the desired product page. You will be redirected to the shopping cart. Here you need to enter your account email. If you don't have Hand2Note account yet, create it.

Then, click Place order. After loading is complete, you'll see the message that the order is successfully placed. And also a list of payment details available for that product.

If you accidentally closed the window, don't worry, you can always reveal payment details on your Orders page.

Make a transfer to any of the mentioned details. Then, only after you made the payment, click I paid button opposite your order on the Orders page.

Your order will be verified shortly after payment confirmation. Once it happened, you'll receive an email with the product files, and the status of your order will be updated to "PAID".

You can download the package and proceed to the next step. Please note that you can also contact product's author directly, in case you have additional questions.

3. Install your new HUD

Follow the simple installation steps. Check our installation guides for Hand2Note 3 and for Hand2Note 4.

4. Start crushing

That’s it, your new config is set and you’re ready to crush 💪🏻.

Later, If you have a minute, please leave a review about the product you get on the Orders page. If you like the HUD, the author will be very pleased to hear positive feedback. And if something is wrong, feedback will also be very useful so that we can help to resolve your issue and improve the service in the future.

Bonus: Use our guides to enhance your HUD/Popups usage

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