What will I get after purchasing?

You’ll be given all needed files and simple steps for the installation. Also you’ll have direct contacts of the pack developer, so you may use their help at any time. We are cooperating only with reliable developers, they’re all helpful and responsive.

How to install a package in Hand2Note 4

How to install a package in Hand2Note 3

What payment options are available?

Available payment options vary depending on the pack seller. Usually, the options are Skrill, Paypal, and Cryptocurrencies. If the selected product does not have the desired payment method, please contact us.

Do I need Hand2Note paid license?

All static HUDs are suitable for use with a free Hand2Note version. However, positional/dynamic HUDs will only work if you have active trial period or EDGE or PRO license. Each product usually contains a set of different HUDs, so will be able to use some of them with a free version anyway.

Will I be able to add or change stats in HUD?

Yes. The packages are available for editing, so you can modify HUD and popups for your needs.

What stakes can the HUDs be used at?

All presented packages are unlimited. You can use HUD and popups to play and analyze opponents at any stakes.

What if HUD doesn’t work?

Please follow general troubleshooting steps first. If it doesn’t help, please contact us, we'll help.

Are the HUDs compatible with Hand2Note 4 Beta?

Yes, all the HUD/popups are fully compatible with Hand2Note 4.

Use HUD wisely:
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