Cosmos Cash


Get the most of Hand2Note with this Cosmos

You can use this product if you’ve just started applying HUD in game, as well as if you are already an experienced user. ‍

Multiple difficulty levels of HUDs and Popups will help you get used to and learn how to use stats step by step.‍

Well thought structure will allow you to find all the necessary stats in no time, which will save you some timebank and make your decision making more sharp.‍

Postflop stats are divided into Position vs Position - this way you can see the difference in the player's trend and the strategy difference, depending on the Preflop ranges.‍

All updates are free of charge.‍

Take a part in product improvement - share your thoughts on it and it will get considered.

Package Features:

  • 2 pop-ups: EXPERT and BEGIN (both has options for 6max and 9max)
  • EXPERT  popup has more than 5000 stats and can be used for Range Research.
  • 6 HUDs: 3 simple HUDs / 3 PRO HUDs with buttons (6max and 9max)
  • Various trends for Bet and Raise: Total, SRP, 3BP, SB and BB spots.
  • Postflop tabs contain stats for Preflop, including charts
  • over 90 tabs with 5 different bet sizes for: CBet, Delay, Probe, Bet vs Skip CBet for SRP and 3BP
  • Standard Postflop SRP and 3BP stats have a Position vs Position division (BB vs BTN, SB vs CO-BTN, etc.)
  • You can switch between HUDs at any time in the game - no need to rebuild statistics
  • Stats: Won [SD] / Won [noSD] / Lose [SD] / Lose [noSD] for different SRP spots
  • 11 Flop textures.

The pack includes:

  • 7 Popup profiles: 4 main pieces of varying complexity for the game (2 for both 6max 
  • and 9max) and 3 additional profiles used in HUD and Popups
  • 12 HUDs (6 for both 6max and 9max) of varying difficulty
  • More than 25 tabs in the main popup + about 100 additional tabs with sizings and positions
  • More than 5,000 stats, all of which are in EXPERT Popup
  • More than 200 stats in HUD EXPERT
Roman Belousov
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