Cosmos HU [MTT]


Get the most out of Hand2Note with Cosmos.

A great pack for beginners and advanced players for HU tournaments (or HU on the final table).

Package features:

  • 3 Popups (Expert, Standard, Begin)
  • Expert Popup contains 1.7k stats and may be used for Range Research
  • 3 Static HUDs (Expert, Standard, Begin)
  • Up to 8 preflop Stack Sizes
  • Up to 4 sizes for Open Raise and ISO preflop
  • You can switch betweem different HUDs and Popups during the game without rebuilding stats
  • Stats Won [SD] / Won [noSD] / Lose [SD] / Lose [noSD] for different Spots
  • 26 Flop Textures + 29 Turn Textures + 30 River Textures
  • Custom categories and colors for Postflop Diagram
  • Custom Bet sizes for Extended Popup

Roman Belousov
Support included
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