Dynamic Deluxe Cash


Professional HUD package to take full advantage of Hand2Note.

✓ 6 HUDs [1 Dynamic + 5 Static]

✓ 28 Popups [3 Styles]

✓ 40 Dynamic Panels

The dynamic HUD will show the necessary statistics when playing, depending on the position of the Hero and the opponents. It changes constantly according to the corresponding action that is happening at the table, which allows the player to take all decisions smoothly without having to open popups wasting time and making the game experience more enjoyable.

Also 5 Static HUDs are included in this package:

  • HUD 2 Blocks + Hotkey
  • HUD 2 Blocks Variant
  • HUD with Tabs
  • HUD for anonymous tables
  • Heads Up HUD

Board textures, runouts, and sizings on extended popups.

Support included
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