Pro.Tools HU-Cash


Hand2Note Pro.Tools HU-Cash – it is a convenient HUD and advanced statistics for postflop gameplay.

Features of the package:

Actions on different board texture (Single raised pots and 3bet pots)

Preflop and postflop stats in DeepStacks (180bbvs180bb+)

Displaying ranges from below popups (Donk, Raise, X/Raise and others)

Stats for limp pots

Statistics of Preflop betsizes: Fold to Steal, Fold to 3bet with different betsizes of steal

Statistics of folds to cbet with different betsizes

Statistics of folds to raise with different betsizes

Stats of gameplay vs Hero

Stats that shows how you play against this opponent, that mean how he see you

Stats of winning at showdown (WTSD) in Single Raised Pots, 3bet/4bet pots and Deepstacks

Stats that shows wins at showdown

Block Bet&Win in popup ShowDown: stats Bet&Win allows you to see what betsizes your opponents use for bluffs and value bets.


-6 Huds

-1500 Stats

-200+ Expression Stats

Support included
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