Pro.Tools Preflop Ranges


Don't waste your time to find your leaked hands! Do it easily with ProTools.

The product is more suitable for 6max and HU tables no straddle (but can also be used for tables up to 9max).

Options for preflop actions:

• 1st Raise Preflop - EP = 1-4 positions

*EP: 6max = 1st, 7max = 1st & 2nd, 8max = 1st-3rd, 9max = 1st-4th

• ColdCall Preflop - MP = one position only

*MP: 6max = 2nd, 7max = 3rd, 8max = 4th, 9max = 5th

*ColdCall BB MWP - when there was only one Call after Open Raise

• 3Bet - against any OpenRaise position

All stats include:

• any sizes of Open and 3Bet (All-in action included)

• any stack sizes of all players


• prioduct is suitable for hand2note3 and hand2note4 Beta

• 2720 stats with frequency + 2720 with EV bb / 1hand

• Winrate = EV bb 1 hand for Hand2note4 Beta

• Winrate is Action Profit = BB/1hand for Hand2note3 version (you can read more about Action Profit here)

•Thanks to the frequency stats, you will be able to view the number of hands, hand history and sizing

Support included
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