Sixplusholdem HU


The Heads Up HUD as developed by a professional 6+ Hold’em player taking into account the features of this game type. Thanks to this, you will always have information on your opponents in every possible game line.

Two Table HUD Designs

Preflop Popup BTN include main preflop stats for 6 Stack Sizes and Total: Fold vs OpenRaise NAI, Fold vs Open Raise Jam, ISO NAI, ISO Jam, 3Bet NAI, 3Bet Jam and other

2 Postflop Popups for BTN – CBet 3Bet and ISO/Call vs CBet

2 Postflop Popups for CO – CBet OpenRaise and Limp/Call vs CBet

2 Postflop Popups for CO – CBet Limp/Raise and Open Raise/Call vs CBet

2 Postflop Popups for Limp Pot – BTN and CO separately

2 Postflop Popups for BTN – CBet ISOlate and Call Open Raise vs CBet

Global Popup for BTN with Aggression F, Total River Bet with SD Win%, Total Raise by street, Total River Call with SD Win%, Win SD%,Frequency,Sample for Popular Postflop action lines for all spots, Total River Fold for all spots

Roman Belousov
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