Sixplusholdem PRO


The HUD pack was developed by a professional 6+ Hold’em player taking into account the features of this game type.

Considered a variety of multiway pots (up to 6 players involved) both preflop and postflop. Thanks to this, you will always have information on your opponents in every possible game line.

-Five Table HUD Designs

-ISO and 3-Bet / 4-Bet Popup (7 tabs)

-Jam Popup

-Open Raise and Cold Call Popup (9 tabs)

-Preflop Limps Popup (6 tabs)

-Limped Pots Postflop Popup (4 tabs)

-Bet Total – Multiway and HU (2 tabs)

-Raise and Check Raise Popup (3 tabs)

-More then 10 Flop Texture

-5 StackSize Preflop stats

*40 tabs summary

*5000 stats

Roman Belousov
Support included
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