Smart Research [MDA]


The most powerful tool for exploiting your metagame.

Smart Research is a professional Popup Set designed to analyze pool trends and also for players who want to analyze their own game.

In this package you will find:

- All preflop and postflop lines

- All flop stats filtered by board texture

- Action Profit on any stat

- Bet sizing on any stat

- Preflop Ranges & Hand strenght visualization

Whether you are a grinder at any stake or a coach, this package will give you the ability to explore any NL Hold'em situation, be it preflop or postflop, and find out where your opponents are unbalanced, which lines are more overbluffed, underbluffed, what sizings are used to bluff, valuebet and adjust our strategy based on real data.

Over 17,000 stats at your disposal ready to start drastically improving your game.

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