Hand2Note: Must-Read Starting Tips

Just started working with Hand2Note? Check our tips set that will significanlty ease your journey. You might not need all at once, so take a brief look and save this page for later, so yo can always get back to it.

1. Learn the software

Hand2Note is extremely powerful software with numerous features to improve your game. Make sure you get most out of it!

Hand2Note 3 video course

If you're using Hand2Note 3, we recommend getting the full video course that will guide you step by step through all settings and features of the app. You can get this course for free, more details on the link.

Hand2Note video course

Hand2Note 4 video course: coming soon

Hand2Note 4 is still on beta-testing stage. Shortly after it's fully released, a new video course will come along. Sign up at courses.poker to not miss it.

Hand2Note Private coaching

Get a personal consultations on the professional Hand2Note usage from our official HUD expert Roman Belousov. Roman will answer any questions you have, help to understand every feature and teach you how to get the most out of Hand2Note to gain an edge over your opponents.

Hand2Note private coaching

Book a session with Roman on Getcoach

2. Get HUD/Popups

You'd need to have a good HUD and popups configuration to efficiently use Hand2Note in your sessions and out-of-table analysis.

Start with our Free HUD

To get started, you can use our free poker HUD option. There are two versions for Cash and tournament players. Both versions contain the most relevant and useful statistics.

Hand2Note Free HUD

Explore ready-made packages

Check ready-made HUD&Popups packages from verified developers in our Official Hand2Note Store. All the packages are fully tested and approved by Hand2Note. So when purchasing any product, you can be completely confident in its quality.

Smart Research poker hud
One of the best-selling products - Smart Research for MDA

Order a custom configuration

If you're looking for personalized solution, you can use our custom HUD order service. We can help you to transfer your HUD from other tracker or design a completely new one from scratch.

Hand2Note custom HUD order

3. Read our articles

Check out our key articles that will help you to elevate your Hand2Note and general poker skill.

7 common mistakes when using HUD

The first guide you should read if you're using HUD on the poker tables. Make sure that you're aware of the most popular mistakes players make every day.

7 common mistakes when using poker hud

How to use MDA to crush games

Mass Data Analysis is one of the most powerful techniques to be ahead of the field. Make sure you learn the basics of it and start implementing it in your poker training routine.

MDA Poker

Exploiting Fish: Donkbets lines

You make your main money in poker by playing against recreational players. Make sure to sharpen your game lines against fish and get the most value from them. Our article gives you an example how you can investigate donkbet lines using MDA and then exploit your opponents aggresively in those spots.