GrindersHud Simple


Grinders Hud Simple - a classic HUD in the familiar HM2 and PokerTracker format


In order to choose the most profitable line, you no longer need to run your eyes over the entire pop-up: we have combined the stats into special blocks along the lines. Each alternative direction of the development of the draw is highlighted in a separate block and fully completes the distribution line. For convenience, the stats have the color of the street where they end and a diagram that shows the strength of the hand next to it.

Detailed statistics:

- Fold vs Steal frequencies based on preflop sizings and Resteal vs 3Bet sizings

- Postflop action Pos vs Pos, postflop action after limp-call

- Great multiway postflop for SRP / 3BP / 4BP

- And much more

Expanded board texture statistics, taking into account the cards coming out on subsequent streets, will take your adjusting to a whole new level

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