GrindersHud Simple

Grinders Hud Simple - a classic HUD in the familiar HM2 and PokerTracker format


In order to choose the most profitable line, you no longer need to run your eyes over the entire pop-up: we have combined the stats into special blocks along the lines. Each alternative direction of the development of the draw is highlighted in a separate block and fully completes the distribution line. For convenience, the stats have the color of the street where they end and a diagram that shows the strength of the hand next to it.

Detailed statistics:

- Fold vs Steal frequencies based on preflop sizings and Resteal vs 3Bet sizings

- Postflop action Pos vs Pos, postflop action after limp-call

- Great multiway postflop for SRP / 3BP / 4BP

- And much more

Expanded board texture statistics, taking into account the cards coming out on subsequent streets, will take your adjusting to a whole new level


GrindersHud Position

GrindersHud Position is a unique poker HUD that combines preflop and postflop statistics into blocks, taking into account multi-way pots. After collecting 5000 hands, the HUD is reworked into a detailed positional one.

Stats in popups - 15,526

ExpressionStats - 303

Stats in HUD - 396

Popups: To choose the most profitable line, you no longer need to scan the entire popup. We have combined all stats into special blocks organized by lines. Each alternative course of action is highlighted in a separate block, which completes the hand line. Stats have a color corresponding to the street on which they end, as well as a mini chart showing the strength of the hand. All postflop lines are divided into position versus non-position.

Other features include fold frequencies to restyles based on sizing, postflop play after limping, and multiway pots with consideration for average position.