Artem Budanov



This package was created in collaboration with professional players such as stare-misto and tatarun12 - top winners on Pokerstars.

Minimalistic popup design means your eyes will not get tired, and powerful functionality will let you analyze any situation.

Package includes:

- 5 different HUDs that include special HUDs from regular "stare-misto" and regular "tatarun12"

- 15 popups that include any situation

- Handy hotkeys for some huds and cells so you have more space at the table

All the main stats are divided into three colors:

- red - stop! (e.g., raise or 3bet)

- yellow - attention! (e.g., check-call)

- green - let's go! (e.g., folds)

Each opponent has leaks, you just have to find them in time.