Nick Korolev


Simple Cash

Simple HUD and popups for cash games designed by Hand2Note team member Nick Korolev. Ergonomic and effective.

Great option for the players who just wanna see the most common and important data on the opponents. You can also get this HUD for free.


Simple Research

Popups set designed by Nick Korolev from Hand2Note team. Everything you need for a comprehensive analysis of opponents’ game and finding your own leaks.

All the preflop and postflop lines stats, hand strength and preflop ranges visualization, EV of different bet sizings and hand groups, breakdown by board texture, and more.


Pro Cash

Professional pack of HUDs and popups for cash games by Nick Korolev from Hand2Note team.

✓ Positional HUD, stats, and popups

✓ Detailed review of all game scenarios

✓ Suitable for both 6-max and 9-10-max tables

✓ Color range for each stat in HUD depending on its value


Perfect Cash

Perfect Cash is a perfectly balanced pack. It is lightweight and will provide you with the most necessary stats and a high import speed. But at the same time, it will allow you to take full advantage of Hand2Note.

You can use the dynamic HUD to see only the most relevant stats for the current hand stage. There are also 2 static HUDs in the set – for those who prefer more classic options, as well as for PokerStars regulars.