PBCP HUD is a set of stats and pop-ups for Hand2Note, created by PBCP School with the participation of professional players and coaches.

Various lines' stats in the HUD will allow you to quickly create a plan for the entire hand; as a bonus, it is not necessary to look at your opponent’s pop-ups to get accurate preflop ranges.

The PBCP HUD development team, consisting of NL200-NL2K regulars, is actively working on updating and improving the product.

Main advantages and features of PBCP HUD:

- Compact and intuitive HUD and popups.

- Various lines' stats show up.

- Extended stats on preflop and postflop betsizings.

- HUD is editable.

- HUDs from several blocks or one block to choose from are available as well.

The PBCP HUD is used by the vast majority of our students and the full coaching team because it provides a commanding edge at the tables!