10 Best-Selling Han2Note HUDs Overview

In our Poker HUD Store we offer you a rich selection of  Hand2Note HUD & Popups packages. All the products are designed by authorized HUD developers and approved by professional players and Hand2Noe experts. So you can safely choose any product and be confident in its quality.

However, with a large selection of products, you may get a little confused and find it difficult to make a decision. In that case, our selection of top-selling packages can help. The products listed below are most preferred by poker players in our store.

1. Simple Cash (Cash) - $49/Lifetime

Simple HUD and popups for cash games designed by Hand2Note team member Nick Korolev. Ergonomic and effective. Great option for the players who just wanna see the most common and important data on the opponents.

You can also get this HUD for free.

Includes 3 HUDs and 4 popups.

Hand2Note HUD Simple

2. Smart Research (Cash, MDA) - $299/Lifetime

A professional popups set designed for mass data analysis by SmartEV.

Whether you are a grinder at any stake or a coach, this package will give you the ability to explore any NL Hold'em situation, be it preflop or postflop. Find out where your opponents are unbalanced, which lines are more overbluffed, underbluffed, what sizings are used to bluff, valuebets.

Note that this package also has a special edition for Omaha playersSmart Research PLO-PLO5.

Includes over 17,000 stats in 50 popups.

Smart Research poker hud

3. PRO Cash (Cash) - $99/Lifetime

Professional pack of HUDs and popups for cash games by Nick Korolev from Hand2Note team.

✓ Positional HUD, stats, and popups

✓ Detailed review of all game scenarios

✓ Suitable for both 6-max and 9-10-max tables

✓ Color range for each stat in HUD depending on its value

Includes 2 HUDs and 40 popups.

4. Simple Research (Cash, MDA) - $199/Lifetime

Everything you need for a comprehensive analysis of opponents’ game and finding your own leaks.

All the preflop and postflop lines stats, hand strength and preflop ranges visualization, EV of different bet sizings and hand groups, breakdown by board texture, and more.

Includes 24 popups.

5. Performance MTT (MTT, MDA) - From $20/month

Professional HUD & Popup Package for MTT-SNG games format by SmartEV.

• 3 different HUD styles: HUD with tabs, HUD with tabs + hotkeys and minimalist style.

• 4 Hotkeys in order to have plenty of statistics in one single and compact HUD.

• 12 Different Board Textures + Bet Sizings available on EVERY stat.

• The most common spots includes the Total and for several effective stack sizes.

Contains stats split by positions, all in/not all in and different stack sizes. This can give you the possibility to do basic/intermediate pool analysis.

Includes 3 HUDs and 27 popups.

6. Cosmos MTT (MTT) - $99/Lifetime

Get the most out of Hand2Note with Cosmos.

Professional HUD & Popups package for MTT game type by the official Hand2Note HUD expert Roman Belousov.

Includes 6 HUDs and 120 popups.

7. TANK MTT (MTT, MDA) - From $299/year

The powerful package for professional MTT players who wants to dig deeper. Designed by plusEVqba - online and live MTT professional.

Includes over 24k stats in 50+ popups.

8. Quasar HUDs (Spins) - From $4/month

3 professional HUDs for Spin&Go players by Quasar HUD. There are Quasar Basic HUD for beginners to beat low stakes and more advanced Quasar Superstar option for the regular players on higher stakes. Also there is a separate Quasar Flash package designed specificially for Spin&Go Flash format.

9. GT SpinFire (Spins) - From $20/month

SpinFire was created by GT-HUD with the support of professional players Spin & Go | Jackpot Sng | HU Of 30 – 100 limits.

Includes 11 HUDs and 3 popups.

10. Cosmos Action (any game type) - $49/lifetime

Add-on for your actual HUD to display a history of all the actions on the table.

Designed by the official Hand2Note HUD expert Roman Belousov.

3 more products that worth mentioning

We would like to mention 3 more products that are not among the top sellers. However, they are worth including in this rating, since these products are unique in their niche and are in demand among our users.

11. GT SHAOLIN (Cash, Straddle support)

SHAOLIN HUD is a dynamic HUD compiled with regard to the peculiarities of playing in Asian rooms PokerBros, PokerKing, PPPoker, HHPoker, Upoker, Wepoker, COP, PokerTime, RedDragon, Dpzx. The new HUD format allows to display only relevant statistics for every player at the table depending on the situation in the current hand and pre-set conditions, such as players’ positions, the number of players and hands on each player, the colour mark and actions in the hand.

12. Venom PLO (PLO, PLO5)

HUD&Popups set for PLO and PLO5 game types by PokerPopup.

In this HUD we have displayed a major part of GTO on the preflop and how our opponents deviate from it. This HUD is suitable both for a training session and for analyzing your own game or your opponent’s game away from the tables. This HUD also displays separate stats for 5-6 max and 3-4 max tables.

13. Sixplusholdem PRO (6+ Holdem)

The HUD package was developed by a professional 6+ Hold’em player taking into account the features of this game type.

Considered a variety of multiway pots (up to 6 players involved) both preflop and postflop. Thanks to this, you will always have information on your opponents in every possible game line.

Bonus: Freebetrange, Jurojin, GTO Wizard

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